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With a red card, three people were injured, and the lead was reversed. Chelsea, who appeared on the FA Cup final stage, were not going well. Lampard's team had a good start, but Pulisic's injury left the team up and down. Chelsea's offense gradually died down after changing sides, and the deep blue defense line collapsed under pressure.


In the games that have ended this season, Lampard played the 433 system, and the three-back system left by the Conte era was used as plan B. The 3421 system has a low appearance rate, but the results are extremely brilliant. After defeating Wolves and Lille one after another and double-killing Tottenham in the mid-season, Lampard eliminated Manchester United with three central defenders and entered the FA Cup final.


Lampard continued to use his team against the Red Devils in this campaign. The only change is that the brave Pulisic has recently entered the starting lineup, and the Blues' propulsion and assault capabilities have improved a lot. Compared with the defeat of Manchester City in the semifinals, Arteta only adjusted one starter, and Mustafi was replaced by Holding. One side sent a sharp knife on the front line, one side adjusted the configuration of the defense line, and the gunner assumed a weak posture. "Vanguard" Pulisic really became the key figure in determining the trend of the game.

兰帕德在这场战役中继续使用他的团队对抗红魔。唯一的变化是,勇敢的普里西奇(Pulisic)最近进入了首发阵容,蓝军的推进和攻击能力有了很大提高。与在半决赛中击败曼城相比,阿泰塔只调整了一名首发球员,穆斯塔菲被霍尔德代替。一侧在前线派了一把锋利的刀,一侧调整了防御线的配置,枪手的姿势很虚弱。 “先锋队” Pulisic确实成为了决定比赛趋势的关键人物。

In the early part of the first half, Chelsea took the initiative. They were able to successfully burn the flames of the opponent's half and create multiple opportunities. Chelsea’s offensive advancement and organizational links are very smooth. In this regard, thanks to the movement and response of Kovacic and Jorginho in the midfield, Pulisic actively retreated to help the double midfielder. There is a number advantage near the arc of the middle circle.


On the other hand, relying on Giroud’s fulcrum role to simplify the advancement, the tall Marcos Alonso can also receive the backcourt high ball. Pulisic and Mount move to the center at the same time, which can help the midfielder complete the ball. , Can also effectively use the second drop point. With the adduction of the two wingers, the blues have an obvious advantage in the number of midfielders, and the strangulation tactics are effective.

另一方面,依靠吉鲁德的支点角色来简化进步,高个子马科斯·阿隆索也可以得到后场高球。 Pulisic和Mount同时移动到中锋,这可以帮助中场球员完成比赛。 ,也可以有效地使用第二个下降点。随着两个边锋的内线融合,蓝军在中场球员数量上具有明显的优势,并且扼杀战术是有效的。

Pulisic has been in hot form recently, and his breakthroughs and shots are very efficient. In the offensive and defensive mode of the five-back mirror dialogue, it is not easy for the winger to break through the densely-populated wing. Pulisic has little advantage when facing Bellerin and Holding, so he chooses to develop in the middle. Sensible. The Blues relied on the cooperation of three players to tear open the defensive line of Xaca and Ceballos’s waist many times. The Gunners’ choices were conservative in defense. Few central defenders were able to make up for leaks in time. The five-back defense has no advantage. Play.

Pulisic最近一直处于热门状态,他的突破和投篮非常有效。在五后卫镜子对话的进攻和防守模式下,边锋很难突破人口稠密的边路。 Pulisic在面对Bellerin和Holding时几乎没有优势,因此他选择在中间发展。懂事蓝军依靠三名球员的合作多次撕开Xaca和Ceballos腰部的防守线。枪手的选择在防守上比较保守。很少有中央后卫能够及时弥补漏洞。五后卫没有优势。玩。

In the games that have ended this season, Chelsea have only been shot 8.5 times per game, ranking third in the five major leagues. Lampard's team has done a good job in limiting the opponent's offense. In this campaign, Arsenal recorded 11 shots with 40% possession rate and seized the two excellent opportunities created. Chelsea's defensive performance was unqualified.


Chelsea’s problem lies in the lack of personal defensive capabilities. Azpilicueta, as the right center defender in the three-centre defender system, has been repeatedly targeted by opponents. Christensen, who replaced him, is also lacking in single defense. Zuma and Rudiger can barely become qualified "lieutenants", and it is unrealistic to expect them to play the mainstay role. From Kanter & Matic to Jorginho & Kovacic, the change in the style of the back midfielder shows that Chelsea’s current three-back system is good at "offensive and defensive." Their advantage lies in the frontcourt. Pressing and offensive, but low defense is not very reliable.


Arsenal actively organized a counterattack after losing the ball. Their strategy was to strengthen the defense in the center, cut off the connection between Kovacic and Jorginho and their former teammates, and use speed players to attack Azpilicueta. Pulisic still insisted on retreating to take the ball, but more and more cases of stealing the ball at his feet; after Pepe's strong attack on the right side failed, he moved to the middle and left side activities, and several forward through blocks created threats.


In the 48th minute, Pulisic was injured and retired. Chelsea's attack lost its inspiration. Pedro, who came off the bench, followed Pulisic's style of play, but the effect was much worse. Mount fell to the full-back position in defense and came to the center to move close to Giroud when attacking. No Chelsea player can be on the wing. Create threats.


In the process of leading his old club to explore new development paths, Lampard has successively used various formations including 4231, 433 and 3421. In the process of using the three-centered guard system, Lampard did not copy the "Conte Legacy", but deliberately added some deployments that demonstrated his personal philosophy.


In the first game with three central defenders (VS Wolves), Marcos Alonso and Azpilicueta teamed up with two wings. When it came to playing against Lille, Rees-James took the position, and Azpilicueta returned to the familiar right center back position. In the next game against Arsenal, Lampard tried Emerson at the left-wing position. The effect was not satisfactory. The combination of Rees James and Marcos Alonso's wingback was fixed. In the consecutive matches against Manchester United and Tottenham, they played an important role in the FA Cup semi-final elimination of Manchester United.


Pepe and Bellerin were active, and the suppressed Marcos Alonso paled in comparison. Marcos Alonso does not have the ability to get rid of the ball. He needs a winger to play a role in the offense. Rees James on the other side is also clumsy at pushing forward. Pulisic's injury and retreat directly caused the Blues to lose their position on the flank. As long as the opponents pay attention to limiting Kovacic, they can cut off the Blues' ground advance.

U乐国际佩佩(Pepe)和贝勒林(Bellerin)活跃,而被压抑的马科斯·阿隆索(Marcos Alonso)相形见pale。 Marcos Alonso没有摆脱球的能力。他需要边锋在进攻中发挥作用。另一侧的里斯·詹姆斯(Rees James)也不擅长向前推进。普利西奇的受伤和退路直接导致蓝军失去了他们在后路的位置。只要对手注意限制科瓦西奇,他们就可以阻止蓝军的进攻。

From the disastrous defeat of Manchester United in the first game of the league to the loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup final, in the first season after Lampard returned to Stamford Bridge, the new Blues started and ended in gray in the civil war. This may be young. The team needs to pay for growth. What is gratifying is that in the process of multi-line attack, Lampard used several tactical "masterpieces" to gradually dispel people's doubts about his business ability, demonstrated extraordinary talents of celebrities, and won high-level talents. Trust and support. The "Fourth" of the New Blues started with failure and ultimately succeeded. The team's subsequent upgrade and transformation can also continue a similar trajectory.