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With the Lakers winning the 17th championship in team history, the players honored the honor of winning the trophy for Kobe. After the Lakers won the championship, Los Angeles shouted Kobe's name is also very moving. Kobe died on January 26. Although nearly 9 months have passed since now, there are still many fans who can’t let go, or even accept the fact that Kobe died, and then contact the Lakers after they won the Kobe era. The first championship trophy, so the outside world has used their own ways to commemorate and cherish Kobe.


Among them, the Museum of African American History and Culture will organize activities to pay tribute to Kobe. This museum once accepted Kobe’s donations. Before the museum opened in 2016, Kobe and his lover Vanessa donated $1 million together. At the same time, Kobe and Vanessa donated on social media. Shah will promote and recommend this museum, hoping that people can visit this museum of African American history and culture.


The Museum of African American History and Culture is the only national museum in the United States dedicated to recording and exhibiting the life, history and culture of African Americans. From its establishment in the capital Washington to its opening on September 24, 2016, the attention can be said to be very high. , Which shows the struggle of African Americans for peace and fairness, as well as their contributions to the United States.

非裔美国人历史和文化博物馆是美国唯一致力于记录和展示非裔美国人的生活,历史和文化的国家博物馆。从在首都华盛顿成立到2016年9月24日开业,人们的关注度可以说很高。 ,这显示了非洲裔美国人为和平与公平而进行的斗争,以及他们对美国的贡献。

It is worth mentioning that Jordan has also participated in donations before. According to the Associated Press, Jordan once donated US$5 million to the Museum of African American History and Culture. In the later period, the relationship between the Museum of African American History and Culture and the NBA was also very close. For example, the current Pelican player Hart and others visited the museum and praised it. The Museum of African American History and Culture also used LeBron 15 "Equality" sneakers worn by James.

值得一提的是,约旦以前也参加过捐款。据美联社报道,约旦曾经向非裔美国人历史和文化博物馆捐赠了500万美元。在后期,非裔美国人历史文化博物馆与NBA之间的关系也非常紧密。例如,现任鹈鹕球员哈特(Hart)和其他人参观了博物馆并称赞了博物馆。非裔美国人历史和文化博物馆还使用了詹姆斯所穿的LeBron 15“ Equality”运动鞋。

Because of Kobe’s funding and publicity, and because Kobe is a representative of African Americans in the United States, the Museum of African American History and Culture decided to organize Kobe’s commemorative activities, which is also very meaningful. Being able to become a representative figure here with Martin Luther King and others is also the greatest affirmation for Kobe.

由于科比的资助和宣传,并且由于科比是美国非裔美国人的代表,因此非裔美国人历史和文化博物馆决定组织科比的纪念活动,这也非常有意义。能够与马丁·路德·金(Martin Luther King)和其他人一起成为代表人物也是科比的最大肯定。